Izbaudi Rīgu

MAREUNROL'S. Exhibition by fashion designers Mārīte Mastiņa-Pēterkopa and Rolands Pēterkops.

A project yet unseen in Latvia, which is not a traditional fashion show, but an interdisciplinary exhibition, which will expand society's perception of the art of fashion design, and will speak about details, material, as well as thinking in relation with space, the body, sound and movement.

MAREUNROL'S was established in 2006 by two fashion designers - Mārīte Mastiņa-Pēterkopa and Rolands Pēterkops. In cooperation with photographers and representatives of other art disciplines, as well as Kristine Kursite, Iveta Vaivode, Martins Cirulis, Kaspars Vanags, Vladimirs Svetlovs and Reinis Hofmanis, the exhibition will feature conceptual works of art (photographs, short films, sculpture elements, installations etc). Special sound and audio installations will be set-up, which will serve as another form of expression in expanding the language of MAREUNROL'S.

Museum of Decorative Arts and Design 10.10.2019 - 08.12.2019