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World Jazz Festival

The annual World Jazz Festival brings world jazz legends to Riga each year. This year, jazz lovers will be able to enjoy four festival concerts - a free open-air concert in the heart of Riga on July 26 at Reformacijas Square, which will also be the festival's opening concert. On the other hand, on July 26 at the Splendid Palace concert venue, on July 27 and July 28 at Riga Congress Centre, three evening concerts will be held featuring world jazz stars.

July 26 at the Splendid Palace concert venue - Anna Maria Jopek and Tony Momrelle. 

July 27 at Riga Congress Centre - Candy Dulfer.

July 28 at Riga Congress Centre - Michelle Legrand.

Riga 15:00 26.07.2018
Riga 19:00 26.07.2018
Riga 19:00 27.07.2018
Riga 19:00 28.07.2018
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