Izbaudi Rīgu

Riga Festival Restaurant

Restaurants frequently not only impress with the excellent dishes they serve, but also with their though-out interiors, which create a pleasant mood and allow for the meal to taste even better. Riga itself is a ''tasteful'' city, and for the fifth straight year, in cooperation with the city's top restaurants, the open-air Riga Festival Restaurant will once again open its doors.

Riga's top chefs will acquaint city dwellers and guests with a range of seasonal dishes made from local products. In honor of Latvia's centenary, the chefs have agreed that the number 100 will dominate in the meals they prepare. This number will be somehow a part of each dish, either 100 grams, units, tastes, nuances or aftertastes. The restaurant's design will also take the number 100 into account. Musicians performing at the restaurant throughout the day also promise one hundred good emotions as well.

Spīķeri creative quarter and promenade 12:00 - 20:00 18.08.2018