The unique and delicious Latvian-made rye-bread gorgeously smells like a cornfield and a wood stove. Each slice is tasty and rich; you won't find anything like it anywhere else in the world! This kind of bread is now listed among the icons of Latvian culture; it is easy to take with you like a small piece of Latvia, it keeps for a long time. Rye-bread is the right thing to choose to remember Latvia when abroad.

Bread has always been the basic food in Latvian cuisine. It is also a cultural asset - no other food has ever been connected with so many beliefs, magic and predictions. Its production process, from the very beginning until its serving on the table, is accompanied by blessing rites.

Rye-bread is a very rich product. You can eat it alone or with some milk. In addition, rye-bread can be used as a component for many kinds of snacks; it tastes even better with some cheese, meat, or "Riga Sprats". The bread is a true gastronomic delight - enjoy its taste slowly! It is a source of strength and energy, and it will remind you of past times, since rye-bread is a very ancient Latvian food.

Look for rye-bread in shops, but the most delicious and authentic loafs made by local farmers can be found at open-air fairs.

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