Izbaudi Rīgu

Advertising in the Live Rīga brochure "Events in Riga"

LIVE RĪGA is calling for advertisers: submit your ad for the popular cultural guide of Riga!

The Riga Tourism Development Bureau Foundation (RTDB), with its brand LIVE RĪGA, is widely recognised among guests of the capital. One of the most popular publications, “Events in Riga” is published quarterly and is distributed via Tourism Information Centres, Riga International Airport, the city’s hotels and other vendors. The brochure is published in four languages - Latvian (3,000 copies), Russian (6,000 copies), German (5,000 copies) and English (10,000 copies). Depending on the season, print-runs are adjusted and can be increased in case of high demand.

Advertising possibilities in the catalog:

  • 2nd cover; 120mm x 210mm;
  • title page; open placing; 240mm x 210mm;
  • full spread; open placing; 240mm x 210mm;
  • full middle spread; 240mm x 210mm;
  • last page + 3rd cover; 240mm x 210mm;
  • 3rd cover; 120mm x 210mm.

Advertising prices in the LIVE RĪGA quarterly brochure:

  • 2nd cover: EUR 800 + VAT
  • title page; open placing: EUR 300 + VAT
  • full spread; open placing: EUR 650 + VAT
  • full middle spread: EUR 1000 + VAT
  • last page + 3rd cover: EUR 950 + VAT
  • 3rd cover: EUR 700 + VAT


All prices are subject to discounts for repeat ads, or when buying several spots at once.

For more information, or to learn about availability, please contact Laura Efeja at +371 20004085 or pasakumi@liveriga.lv