Izbaudi Rīgu

Riga Restaurant week

Riga Restaurant Week is a celebration for gourmands, as well as for those who simply enjoy life. These are seven days where one can experiment, and from the heart enjoy offers from Riga’s best restaurants for a friendly price.

Riga Restaurant Week meals are served in three courses – appetizer, main dish and desert. These chef creations are in accordance with the Modern Latvian Kitchen Manifesto, which emphasizes local and seasonal products.

Special offer prices are available in all participating restaurants during the week, and there are two price categories – EUR 15 and 20. This means that it is possible to visit any of the participating Riga Restaurant Week restaurants, and order an exquisite meal for a relatively symbolic price.

Due to its popularity, as well as the interest of participating restaurants, it has become an anticipated and traditional event, which takes place twice a year – during in April and October.

The aim of Riga Restaurant Week is to stimulate the development of the local restaurant scene by following global trends, while at the same time keeping to products typical of this region, which are prepared using traditional and historical methods. This initiative allows Riga residents and guests acquaint themselves with the excellent restaurants the capital has to offer, where they can try out themselves the real taste of Latvia.