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Xroom.lv is a fascinating breakout game, where a team of 2-4 persons is locked in a room and, must do its very best in order to get out in a limited time period – 60 minutes, searching for any hidden keys, clues and leads.

Harry Potter and the Locked Chamber

One of the Harry’s ill-wishers has locked him in the secret Hogwarts Chamber so that he would miss the decisive Quidditch game. Help Harry escape, following the signs, guessing codes and solving a list of tasks. But hurry up – the decisive game, where Harry is crucial for the Gryffindors to beat the Slytherin, starts in one hour.

KGB Arrest

Riga. It is 1980. KGB is instrumental in dealing with persons disloyal to the Soviet regime. You are arrested on charges of sedition, and you are well aware of what lies ahead… Then suddenly, during your interrogation, an opportunity to escape presents itself. Will you be man enough to take advantage of it?