Izbaudi Rīgu


"Kross" city bikes and "Merida" trekkers in various forms just for you on your daily outings - long or short, courtesy of the bicycle rental company "Rigabicycle.com"

We offer in addition helmets, backpacks and other biking accessories, and gratis locks, and personally planned individual trips - the route of your choice.

The "Rigabicycle" outlets are at addresses Rātslaukumā 1, "Rātes pasāžā", or why not reserve a bike on our website, by phone or sms at "WhatsApp". The company also offers maps for touring Riga and Jurmala on your own, or with a multilingual qualified guide. 

Price list:

2h - EUR 7

3h - EUR 8,50

4h - EUR 9,50

All day (return till 19:00) - EUR 14

24h - EUR 18

(includes the lock, excursion maps)

Guided tours:

Start fee is EUR 20 per person (incl. guide, bike itself, lock, water bottle)