Izbaudi Rīgu

Dzintari Concert Hall

Dzintari Concert Hall is an architectural gem located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The complex incorporates exquisite Neo-eclectism of 1930s – the Small Hall, and a covered acoustically-brilliant summer concert garden of 1960s – the Great Hall.

The Small Hall was built in 1936 by co-joining elements of Classicism and National Romanticism into one project, however, its largest virtue lies within the hall's excellent acoustics. The ancient, renovated wooden details of the interior, as well as seating rows , surrounded by columns, create a feeling of intimacy.

The Large Hall is semi-open (both sides and back exposed) during the warm season from May to September, and is the first such open-type concert venue in Latvia. It has more than 2,000 seats. The harmony between nature and music, in combination with excellent architectural design, generates unforgettable impressions for both artist and audience.

Centenarian pine trees in the concert hall's park sways in the wind, while the sea rustles behind the dune, washing waves over a white sand beach. This is a place to look for true synthesis of art and nature while enjoying world-famous artists live.

Many talented musicians have performed at Dzintari Concert Hall, and they admit that the special atmosphere is what makes them return to the legendary stage.