Izbaudi Rīgu

Jomas Street

Jomas iela (Jomas Street) is the heart of Jūrmala. Holidaymakers fill the city’s main street every summer, and it’s said that this is the place where Jūrmala began.

Back when Jūrmala was still mostly just large expanses of sand, the wind blew it here and there, naturally forming a series of dunes and valleys. In Latvian, such a valley is called a “joma”, and a main road, now called Jomas iela, was eventually established along one of these valleys. From the very beginning, this street served as the town’s central stage, used almost like a fashion catwalk by summer holidaymakers and spa guests. This is where the town’s fanciest boutiques and its most popular cafés and restaurants are located. It is also the site of the traditional annual Jomas Iela Festival that draws thousands of people.

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