You are more interest in seeing places which take a little more effort to get to. If you are in a city, you prefer seeing something a bit more off the beaten track. At times, a half hour ride outside the city, you can not only visit the suburbs constructed during the Soviet-era, but also find peaceful nature paths and the city's best museum. 

Even if you might not be much of an antique car enthusiast, it is still certainly recommended to go to the Riga suburb of Mežciems to visit the Riga Motor Museum. After the recent reconstruction, the museum has not only gained a modern design, but also various interactive exhibitions, which allows for fun moments even for those above the age of six. If you step back in time, when the most complicated technologies of the time were windmills, then you must visit the Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum, which offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the lifestyle of the ancient Latvians in a beautiful 87 hectare large outdoor museum on the banks of Lake Jugla.

A wonderful place for a romantic walk just a half an hour rode from the city center is Mangaļsala Pier. Here, one can breath the fresh salty sea air coming from the Gulf of Riga, view the passing ships and carefully observe the fishermen while not bothering them. If you wish to have a dinner while observing the sunset, visit Cabo Cafe in Mežaparks, where it is possible to rent a stand-up paddle board to test the waters of Lake Ķīsezers. And before going back home, you can arrive at Riga Airport a bit sooner and visit the Riga Aviation Museum next door, where you will be able to view old Soviet-era aircraft.

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