You are like cat who in the dead of night has perfectly detected its victim, then suddenly pounced and elegantly ends up in yet another bar. You move around the dance floor more frequently than using public transportation, and rarely go to bed before seven in the morning. Riga, which doesn't really go to sleep even on workday evenings, is your spirit animal!

Why not begin the day with a true Latvian brew and the country's most favorite snack - garlic rye bread - at the Valmiermuiža Beer Embassy.

Then go on a tour through Riga's hipster meccas - the Kaņepe Cultural Center, the Tallinn Street Creative Quarter and Autentika. Feel the Bohemian atmosphere of these locations, which are popular among both local residents and guests. You will certainly not be disappointed. Here you can stroll in by accidents and hear live concerts, dj performances and even lectures about feminism.

Now the time has come for Cinderalla-like transformation. Take off your chequered blouse and exchange it at the bar for a shot of tequila, put on your dancing shoes and go for a wild night out at one of Riga's night clubs. The Nordic-style bar Gimlet is know for its excellent cocktails, and Cloud Nine is the place to go for excellent music and sound quality. If you have the desire to dance on a table, no problem - jump on a trishaw and go to one of Riga's most famous nightclubs - Coyote Fly. And of course, before going to bed, have a tasty kebab somewhere in the city.

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