Your paths are inconceivable. You are one of those travelers who continue on a leisurely pace to see where the path takes you. Maybe you spend a whole day at a park people watching and feeding the ducks? But maybe another day you end up at a bar trying to learn a love poem in Latvia and having the silhouette of Riga tattooed on your arm?

We recommend enjoying a relaxing morning at Bergs Bazaar, enjoying a cup of coffee and a good book which you may have not have had time to read. Here it is possible to purchase designer items for your girlfriend and get a stylish haircut.

When taking a stroll through Old Town Riga, don't forget to view the golden roster on top of St Peter's Church spire, as well as see the Facebook of the 13th century - people's faces on the walls of St John's Church.

An excellent place for lunch is the democratic wine bar Garage, where Kylie Minogue herself has even enjoyed a meal. If you wish an authentic Riga experience, go to Ziedoņdārzs, where you will see a monument to the well-known and loved starved Latvian poet Aleksandrs Čaks. For dinner, allow yourself to choose a dish from the offer at Vieta, which is well-known for its extensive wine menu and owner - a wine academic, who also plays in a rock group and can open a champagne bottle cork with a sword.

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