It seems nothing can tire this little bundle of energy. He is in continuous motion and always is looking for a new adventure. Even though there is no Disneyland in Riga, we know how where to put the energy of the little ones to good task.

When going to view the critters at Riga Zoo, it is possible to conveniently arrive by tram. After acquainting yourself with the meerkats and monkeys you yourself wish to become one, the Mežakaķis adventure park is located nearby, which offers a wide range of tree related activities. 

For dessert, an excellent choice is the Laima Chocolate Museum, which offers visitors the opportunity to create their own personal piece of candy, taste the chocolate maker's latest products and even paint with chocolate. The sugar high gained at the chocolate museum can be easily spent at the ZINOO Science Center, where visitors can participate in a wide variety of fun, interactive and yet educational activities

If you are planning on visiting the Central Sports and Children's Playground, one must take into account that it is possible to spend a half day here - the 7,000 m2 park has almost everything imaginable, from slides to a skateboard ramp, and even a fountain. When the fountain inspires you to move the larger waters, have a visit to Lucavsala island on the Daugava River, which features a beach, a playground and even a wake-board park. The perfect place for a tasty meal is Paviljons Ziedoņdārzs, which is located right at the park, and is also friendly with pets, children and the piano.

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