Have people ever told you that you like to look at everything from above? But not because you are arrogant. You are just fascinated at the views that can be seen from above. You are also probably a bit jealous of the Freedom Monument, lovingly called Milda by the local Latvians, who has the best view of the city at a height of 42 meters.

On the roof terrace of Gūtenbergs restaurant it is possible to enjoy a modern Latvian kitchen while enjoying a view of the tail of the rooster located on top of Riga Cathedral's spire. Furthermore, the terrace is open throughout the year, offering a warm fireplace and a warm Riga Black Balsam cocktail during the wintertime, and a refreshing cocktail during the summertime.

Latvians have a special relationship with roosters, with the text of one of the most famous folk-songs going as follows: ''Where are you going, my little rooster?''. One of the most breathtaking views of Riga can be seen from the viewing tower atopSt Peter's Church, where a rooster has been sitting on top of the church's spire for seven generations. A smaller rooster is sits atop St John's Church next door, while the oldest rooster is located atop St James' Church next to the Saeima building.

Then you can go to the so-called quiet center, and there you have to keep looking up to see the eyes staring back at you from the statues of the Art Nouveau buildings. Right here on Alberta Street there are not only many famous buildings designed by Mihails Eizenšteins, but also the Art Nouveau Museum of Riga. If you want to aim higher, the Skyline bar on the 26th floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel is the place for you, and is not only famous for its excellent cocktails, but also it stunning views of Riga. Oh, and it is also one of the best places in Riga to have a brunch.

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