Museum halls of marble and elegant restaurant basements are great places to visit, but you have arrived in a seaside city where you can enjoy the outdoors by the water. Riga provides an extensive catalog of waters. Here you can find the godmother of Riga - the Baltic Sea, Latvia's rive of fate - the Daugava, city center canals, and several picturesque lakes nearby.

Thus the expedition opportunities here vary. It is possible to enjoy an excellent meal while sitting on the outdoor terraces of Aqua Luna or Naples restaurants in Andrejsala, while enjoying stunning views of the Daugava River.

Aqua Luna


You can enjoy a day out on the waters of Riga by taking a boat ride through the city's canals, which passes by the National Opera Building, where everyone waves to the boats. It is also possible to reach the Island  of Love on the Daugava River, which is accessible only by boat.

Also beaches here are not beaches - it is possible to take a dip in the Daugava at Ķīpsala, which is right in the city center, feel like a snob at one of the white sand lake beaches in Riga, or enjoy a lonely scene with a ship wreckage at Mangaļsala. Waters are everywhere here. The former presence of the Rīdzene River , which has already disappeared from the maps, can still be felt on the streets of Old Town Riga. Riga is a place where you are the captain.

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