Izbaudi Rīgu

Muusu Terase

"Muusu Terase" is the youngest sister of "Muusu" restaurant located in the heart of Old Riga. Bright, dreamy and spunky. It found its place in a just as dreamy spot - the right bank of Daugava, which not only delights with the city's beautiful sunsets, but also a vibrant, energetic mood that surprises everyone.

Obviously, as the new exquisite place is managed by a two true sea-wolf tandem - Chef Kaspars Jansons and his right hand man Juris Latišenoks. No comments necessary, their names speak for themselves - love for food, gathered from our own land and waters, respect for work and requirements for quality. They are true gourmands themselves, and they bring their love further through various experiments of taste - ever "Muusu Terase" guest has the opportunity to enjoy gifts from the open kitchen coal grill.

One thing is clear - "Muusu Terase" offers its guests only the best and most enjoyable meals, exquisite drinks and the most beautiful view in the evening. We would like to warn you, that people are most likely to day-dream on "Muusu Terase" sofas.