Izbaudi Rīgu

Sinfonietta Rīga. Mozart’s Symphony and Haydn’s Cello Concerto

On the outside he appears restrained, but in music he burns with Nordic passion – conductor Juha Kangas returns to Sinfonietta Rīga with beautiful and soothing Finnish music and a golden standard of Viennese classicism.

His compatriot Pehr Henrik Nordgren, inspired by Finnish folk songs, paints the country landscapes of the past with nuanced, pleasingly warm strokes, incorporating a fiddler here and there. On his turn, another Nordic master, Kalevi Aho, has created a musical dedication to Nordgren. Joseph Haydn’s Cello Concerto No. 2 is a work of sterling elegance, weaving together sublime melodies with airy lyricism, as it will be attested by the soloist – raising Estonian star Theodor Sink. Finally, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 39 is one of the evergreen peaks of symphonic music. With Juha Kangas in front of the orchestra, Mozart’s music truly shines, sparkling with the variety of musical images and contradicting characters.

Great Guild 19:00 13.04.2019
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