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Fado singer Mariza

As part of her Fado Bailado world tour, the legendary fado singer Mariza will present her latest album, which allows the listener to return to the roots of fado music, reminding that the sounds of Portuguese guitar is an integral part of this music. The album was produced by the Spanish flamenco virtuoso, and Grammy winning composer Havier Limon.

Mariza's debut album Fado Em Mim was a smashing success, and propelled the young artist to become one of the most popular fado singer in Portugal. Her second album, Fado Curvo, was released in 2003, after which she became well known not only in her native country, but around the world. Mariza has also recorded a duet with Sting, which was included in the official soundtrack of the Athens Olympics, called Unity. She has released a total of eight solo albums, with over a million copies sold worldwide. ''Fado is based on real and deep emotions. Each song is full of passion, jealousy, hopes and at times a dash of humor,'' Mariza herself points out.

Riga Congress Centre 19:00 10.06.2018
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