Izbaudi Rīgu

St. Petrus

St. Petrus is a modern Latvian cuisine restaurant with a Nordic taste. The restaurant is located on Skarnu street - in the heart of Old Town Riga.

St. Petrus Restaurant combines two atmospheres for completely different gastronomic experiences: the first floor reflects a lively gastropub ambience with an open kitchen, where restaurant guests can observe how their dishes are created. While the second floor provides the classic restaurant atmosphere, offering a refined and romantic setting with a picturesque view on St. Peter's Church. St. Petrus is modern and attuned to the winds of change while at the same time preserving its individuality. Therefore, an internationally trained team and the talented chef of St. Petrus Restaurant- Dmitry Fedosevich, each season craft a new creative menu that perfectly unites modern Baltic cuisine and gastronomic world trends with new Nordic food.