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Riga Festival 2018

On the nation's centenary, this year's Riga City Festival will feature the creative legacies of many great Latvians in the context of the country's history and culture. As Riga celebrates its 817th anniversary, one of the more special events to take place will the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Riga Latvian Society: for three whole days Vērmane Park and the Riga Society Building will turn back the pages of history, revealing to festival goers the time more than a century ago when the Riga Latvian Society was established. Cultural and historical facts, theatrical improvisations of great historical figures and open-air performances will allow Rigans and city guests to feel like they were back in the times of mid-19th century Riga.

List of events here

Full program of events with detailed descriptions of events - www.rigassvetki.lv/2018/en

Vērmanes Garden Park 17.08.2018
Vērmanes Garden Park 18.08.2018
Vērmanes Garden Park 19.08.2018