You want everything, and everything now. To wonder and be wondered at. To gallop and laze. That is why cities were invented - so that everything is available at once and opportunities lay at your feet. Riga has seen much, while at the same time remains young. Always changing and always surprising. Just like you.

To plan or improvise, there is not much difference. You can arrive by bicycle to Snob Bar and order a four-fold surprise. See the most contemporary art at the Putti gallery and discuss this afterwards at Vincents restaurant (better to reserve a table here beforehand though)

Want a crazy party - go to Old Town Riga. Want some more peace and quiet - visit the Quiet Center, were you will most likely end up at the Chef’s Corner restaurant. But be warned, this is a new establishments, meaning you will be a trailblazer and help build up its reputation.

If you suddenly feel determined, get into shape at the ENRI tennis courts, or surprise someone at one of Riga's gold courses.

But if you just want to relax today, then such lazy days in Riga are perfect for a visit to ESPA, Dome Spa, Taka Spa and certainly something more

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