The Isle of Sirens is a sound art installation developed with location media technologies, which has turned AB Dam into an invisible concert hall.

135 static and mobile virtual “sound clouds” with various operational radii have been positioned on the AB Dam and in the Daugava water basin, which mutually overlap and are spatially organised in the joint composition. Each sound cloud contains a separate composition element, which is activated, upon reaching its operational geographical coordinates (GPS). Using the mobile application the ‘Isle of Sirens’, the listener moves inside the composition, and his freely chosen route forms a unique developmental scenario for the composition.

The image of sirens in this composition serves as a direct reference to warning and alarm signal devices, as well as the mythological sirens described in Homer’s Odyssey, who tempted travellers to their death with their beautiful voices.

The ‘Isle of Sirens’ sound material was recorded this year with the modular synthesiser “Black System III” made by the Latvian synthesiser manufacturer Erica Synths and it reflects the transformative feelings of the pandemic era, when a start of alarm accompanied by audible and inaudible sirens was a constant manifestation.

AB Jetty 20.07.2021 - 31.12.2021
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