The Whitehouse restaurant is located in a historical building in Vermanes Park, and its menu is dominated by true taste and high quality products. WHITEHOUSE team mission is to create a memorable culinary and sensory experience for each of our guests.

As every stroke of colour in making of a painting and every instrument in the symphony, WHITEHOUSE team work together to create a meal whose taste and aesthetics will surprise everyone.
Teams dream is to become a place where worldly things and events are forgotten. At the WHITEHOUSE restaurant, a person enters as in a new world and experiences beauty – beauty in the interior, in a sight outside the window, in their glass of wine or cocktail, and finally in the food, which we serve with excellent care.

The Whitehouse restaurant team highly values and cultivates:

- creative energy and innovation to create unique tastes;

- excellence and attention to detail to ensure impeccable service;

- individual and special attitude to each guest.

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