Izbaudi Rīgu

What's worth tasting in Riga

The Riga gastronomy trip for every gourmand started more than 800 years ago.

The blend of various cultures in the city has inspired our chefs to undertake bold taste experiments and unexpected food combinations. During each of the four seasons, a special place is dedicated to fresh seasonal products from Latvian gardens, forests and rivers on the menus of the restaurants of Riga. The Baltic Capital of Gastronomy - Riga - invites its guests and residents to enjoy an amazing taste experience and discover world class cuisine at very appetizing prices.


For gourmets, the year starts in spring with birch sap and maple syrup, whose just-tapped freshness lasts but a brief moment. Store what is left undrunk in a cool place for one of those hot summer days. The fermentation will result in a sweetly sour, sparkling libation to your liking. Just about everyone – not only gourmets – following winter hibernation, crave the first greens that sprout up - aromatic, succulent, crisp and chock full of vitamins. The season's first sorrel, leaf lettuce, rhubarb simply reek of the reawakening land's strength and vitality – an opportunity not to be missed!

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Latvian summers are short but nonetheless full of gastronomic goodies that can be savoured in the right place, at the right time. Summertime is when Latvians are earthbound, so to speak, they have the uncanny ability to commune with Mother Nature. Nothing provides more pleasure than tending a garden, venturing deep into a forest for wild strawberries or chanterelle mushrooms, or choosing a spot lake or riverside for fishing. This is how we can explain why all our desserts have cherries on top, why the kitchen table has jars of jams and jellies all in a a row, why on our grills and in our smokehouses - ready to prepare, are the fish we have caught.

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The Latvian proverb has it that 'autumn is a rich man'; thereby the populace knows how to 'reap what it sows'- literally! The beautiful and scrumptious boletus mushrooms, just waiting to be picked, and sauteed in a cream sauce with the new crops of potatoes ( of course, some prefer their penny-buns pickled or sun-dried, a delectable treat come long winter nights) Or how about the abundant quince [The quince is the sole member of the genus Cydonia in the family Rosaceae], that yellow fruit perfect for syrups or candied peel (succade), in the teapot, on a plate with game meat. The Latvian hunter – eager and enthusiastic, to say the least. Deer and moose on the loose are merely 'value added' to the cherished moments spent in the wood and brush, the invigorating air. And - a post-hunt feast tastes even more delicious.

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Cold and damp weather in Latvia results in fare that is rich and filling, with character. Simple but sturdy foods from garden vegetables and grains. Potatoes and barley, rye products – through the centuries are a reminder of home fires burning. But what about the rowan berries? Beautiful and mildly tart - for a real taste of life.

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