Exhibition Celebrate Porcelain with Kuznetsov

The history of the Kuznetsov's porcelain production is told using more than 1,000 porcelain, faience and clay objects from the Zuzāns' collection and photographic material.

The exhibition continues the Kuznetsov Project initiated by Zuzeum, the main idea of which is to honour the origins of Latvian porcelain production while showing its continuity.

The exhibition and the accompanying lectures and workshops offer an insight into the process of making porcelain based on the extensive and varied production of the Kuznetsov, which is also the basis for the further development of the Latvian porcelain industry. A schedule of events and information on tickets can be found at www.zuzeum.com.






Art Center Zuzeum 10.02.2023 - 06.08.2023
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