Exhibition ES_TEXT

Texts permeate our daily life, they look at us from the screens of our devices, talk to us from our television sets, podcasts and announcements. Urban environment can no longer be conceived without signs, messages, posters, graffiti and other texts and it is impossible to imagine what it would be like if they had never appeared in art.

Curators of the exhibition, Elita Ansone and Leonards Laganovskis, turn to works of art that include text – text-based art or linguistic conceptualism. Over the course of the 20th century text-based works have persistently penetrated into visual art until the conceptualists, in their fight for the dematerialisation of art in the 1960s, decided to push images out of works of art altogether, or, more precisely, transformed text itself into an image. A new artistic movement, conceptual art, was defined in the late 1960s, having already worked to circumvent the ever more commercialised art world for the entire decade. To a large extent, the beginnings of conceptual art are connected specifically to linguistic conceptualism.

Latvian National Museum of Art 04.02.2022 - 01.05.2022
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