Exhibition by Gunārs Cīlītis "With a Farthing in Pocket"

In the cycle "The Generation" presented exhibition asks a question – a painter or a graphic artist? Cīlītis thought and felt himself as a painter, it was more important than anything else, but there was always something that led him astray. Yet, irrespective of whether it was – a drawing, a character for a puppet film, a small cartoon, an illustration for a book or a magazine – attention was devoted to each artwork as the most essential at that moment.

Starting already from 1957, Gunārs Cīlītis’ name frequently appeared under illustrations in magazines Zvaigzne and Dadzis, although there was still not enough time for painting. In his pocket, Cīlītis always had variants of ideas on larger on smaller pieces of paper, matchboxes and serviettes, as well as hopelessly missed submission deadlines, nevertheless, the folder of drawings placed on the editor’s desk instantly changed the heated situation. Only Soviet typography, when seeing the fineness of the blurred and lost lines and the bright colours that were soaked into paper, could not satisfy any professional.

Latvian National Museum of Art 21.05.2022 - 04.09.2022
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