Medical art exhibition ANATOMY & BEYOND

International exhibition explores new ways in which we envisage the role of art and anatomy, reimagining humanity on Earth and beyond: in here and now, and in possible, post-terrestrial futures. Seven works of medical art and bioart are integrated into the museum's permanent exhibition.

Medical artist Pascale Pollier (Belgium/UK) is the exhibition's curator and has brought together six more international artists who use art to explore science. In her video work, artist Nina Sellars (Australia) has revived a model of an anatomised hand from the 19th century that is housed in the collection of the Anatomy Museum of the University of Melbourne, while artists Andrew Carnie and Eleanor Crook (UK) speculate about the impact that space travel has on the human body and spirit, and Bryan W. Green (UK) re-interprets the dual nature of energy. Meanwhile, artist Mara G. Haseltine (US) reflects on the potential of a drug that inhibits Coronavirus replication in her work “SARS Inhibited”, and bioartist Joe Davis (US) gives hope to the world during the pandemic by bringing more than 200 million billion angels to the Anatomy Museum. Based on Islamic traditions and modern DNA propagation methods, Davis encoded the angels into a DNA molecule that covers a 0.75 mm small head of a pin.

The RSU Anatomy Museum 01.10.2021 - 31.01.2022
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