The Spiral, an exhibition of Māra Kažociņa’s paintings

Māra Kažociņa occupies an outlying place in the overall picture of Latvian art. The painter was predominantly drawn to a metaphorical interpretation of the surrounding world. She consistently strove to imbue reality with another, deeper meaning, rejecting didactic content and petty details. It is demonstrated already by The Spiral (1961), a composition from her study years, whose title has become the title of this exhibition. It perfectly characterises the essence and uniformity of her entire oeuvre of over thirty years.

Māra Kažociņa very rationally approached everything that had to do with painting, craft and skill, she strove to study, master it to perfection, seeking to weave together the roots of her art with impulses from the world in the most harmonious possible equilibrium, keeping a conscious distance from the reality of Soviet life and its representation on canvas. Likewise, in terms of painterly expression, Māra Kažociņa’s works are laconic, robust, ascetic, with a high degree of abstraction and stylisation. Such pensive, introvert, existential message captivated viewers under the conditions of Soviet double-morals, because of which Māra Kažociņa’s paintings were noticed already at that time and, as we can see, it still retains its relevance in the 21st century.

Latvian National Museum of Art 10.12.2021 - 06.02.2022
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