Adrenaline junkies

Riga Shoot

Real gun shooting range in Riga! No previous shooting experience needed. 18+

Go-kart hall XL Riga

Close to downtown Riga is an extensive and well-equipped indoor track with high quality paving and an interesting trajectory 250 meters in length.

Trāpītava shooting range

Trāpītava invites you to feel the tension and adrenaline of shooting a weapon, ones you probably will only have seen in the movies! We offer visitors such firearms as Glock, Makarov, SigSauer, as well as cross-bows. Choose your weapon and come feel true emotions!

Paintball and laser tag in Zaķusala

This paintball park is the first in Latvia to offer the smaller and more precisely targeted soft cartridges and to open up specially designed fields with authentic obstacles and dummies. If you don't like paintball, you can try laser tag. The modern technology allows the result to be followed live and provides up-to-date statistics after every game! The park is open 24/7 (prior registration required).

Wolftrike drift hall

The WOLFTRIKE® Drift Hall is the place to have positive emotions, both after a busy day at work or a fun day out on the weekend with family and friends! WOLFTRIKE® tricycles offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy controlled sliding without any prior experience or special training. All you need is a good mood, the desire to compete and some adrenaline!


Feel the freedom of flying at the Aerodium vertical wind tunnel! The age-old dream of flying like a bird has come true thanks to the powerful air stream. The Aerodium athletes have already showcased their skills at the Torino 2006 Olympic Games and at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Now come and experience flying yourself at Latvia's only wind tunnel in Sigulda, just a 30-kilometre distance from Riga.

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