Mežakaķis Park at Mežaparks

Climbing and crawling up the ropes, pulleys and spider-nets is a fine way to whip all inhibitions physically and mentally, and certainly, loads of fun. The place is Mežakaķis in Riga-Mežaparks, operating in summer months from May 1 to September 30.

This amusement park in the green suburb of Riga has a variety of obstacle courses with various levels of difficulty. An excellent outing for the kiddies, their parents, corporate collectives or just a group of friends. Basically the park is designed for one and all. Each of the obstacle courses begins and winds up on the ground; the finale a downhill stretch on a special roller.

For  Children

The course for tots is specifically designed for their age and size. Parents can follow the action closely, moving along the track with their offspring, providing support and assistance if necessary.

Green Course

Two meters above the ground with easy-to-manage obstacles, primarily intended for beginners and children (height:110 cm).


Things get more challenging on this obstacle course, compared to the basic Green, which is geared for warm-ups. Perfect for the beginners and children who have managed to master the basic, and desire to venture further but are too small for the other courses. Green+ is for everyone over 110 cm;at least 140 cm is the requirement at the other courses.

Blue Course

More complicated, with the obstacles situated at a higher height - about 4 meters). Comparatively easy nonetheless; no over-exertion necessary.

Red Course

With obstacles placed 9 meters above the ground, significant energy, feel for adventure and physical dexterity are necessary. An advance course, experience in the previous ones a requirement for entry.

Black Course

Designed for the athletic type - the thrill seeker. Safety features are less severe here, and keeping equilibrium or balance is much more difficult. The obstacles are up in trees, 10-15 meters high. The culmination is a 200-meter downhill stretch on a roller.

White Course (4 obstacles)

White Course can be considered "dessert" for those mastering the previous courses; for those who want more.


Adults - 17 euro; children /up to age 17/: 10 euro; children on the Green Course: 7 euro. Tots on the Children's Course only: 5 euro. Estimated duration of visit is 3 hours.

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