Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church

The church of the holy and right-believing Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky in Riga is a unique wooden architecture structure of the first quarter of the XIX century, as well as one of the most honoured and cherished orthodox churches in Riga - a symbol of inter-religious, universally human and trans-national unity, visited by one and all.

The church, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is located in the historic centre of Riga. The classic-style building, surrounded by rotunda columns, is registered on the list of protected cultural monuments as an example of the Classicism style of the first quarter of the XIX century and is considered a true architectural masterpiece, which has remained until today.

Services are held every day.
On workdays: Divine Liturgy at 8:30 and evening service at 18:00.
Sundays and holidays: Divine Liturgy at 9:00 and evening service at 18:00.

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