Riga Art Month

Contemporary art in Riga

Contemporary art gives modern urban cultual life a provocative, experimental flavour, urging people to look at what's happening in our world from a completely different perspective. Seceral ambitious contemporary art events have put Riga on the map of most intriguing European cultural destinations. 

The program of Riga Art Month includes events meant to inspire, learn and explore, discuss contemporary art and entertain oneself. No matter if you are a contemporary art collector or quite often find yourself asking a question "is this even art?" ar the exhibition, there is an event suitable for your taste. 

From September 21 

In varius locations in Riga 


Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art

Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA), titled Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More, is curated by Katerina Gregos and includes works by 104 artists. 

Thanks to RIBOCA, visitors to the city alike have access to places that are otherwise off limits or are located far from traditional tourist routes, thereby letting them see a completely different side of the city. 


Venues: the Former Faculty of the Biology at the University of Latvia (Kronvalda bulvaris 4), Andrejasala (Andrejostas iela 29), Art centre Zuzeum (Lacplesa iela 101), the Residence of Kristaps Morbergs (Z.A. Meirovica bulvāris 12), the Former Bolshevichka Textile Factory (Ganibu dambis 30), Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs (Skolas iela 15), Sporta2 square (Sporta iela 2).

Working hours: Wednesday: 10:00-18:00; Thursday – Friday: 13:00-20:00; Saturday – Sunday: 11:00-20:00.

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Until October 28 

13th Baltic Triennial

At the heart of the 13th Baltic Triennial's (BT13) final chapter taking place at the Kim? contemporary art center in Riga are live components which continue on BT13’s eagerness to foster audience engagement and blur the lines in between the exhibition format and other types of spectacles – whether private or public – such as the club, the reading salon and the cabaret.

The series of programmed performances, screenings, music and readings will play on that thin line of ambiguous sentimentalism, to eventually question the way we belong to our own feelings and how we say goodbye.

Venue: Kim? contemporary art cdenter (Sporta iela 2)

September 21 - November 18