Āgenskalns Market

Open since 1898, Āgenskalns Market is the oldest and largest market in the Āgenskalns suburb of Riga, and it is has been granted state cultural monument status. At the moment, the historical building is being renovated, thus local farmers, food producers and craftsmen sell their goods outside, while on Sundays there is a flea market.

During the warm months of the year, Agenskalns Market is open all week except Monday, but on weekends the market is booming. Although local products feature in the product range, it is also possible to taste German ice cream, Lithuanian halva or fruit from warmer countries. Furthermore, the products you buy can be consumed on the spot, as tables are also available in the area. Coffee is also available and street food buses also park themselves outside the market on the weekends. During the warmer months, you can also enjoy a diverse cultural life - concerts, creative workshops, discussions, festivals, exhibitions, etc. Now the market has a new tradition - on Sundays, the traders of antique items come to the market, and neighbors, seniors and children also come to trade regularly with their tables and boxes. Agenskalns Market brings together people from the neighborhood, develops sustainable ideas and creates a modern, inclusive urban environment, cooperates with cultural and educational institutions, city activists and businesses.

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