Riga Employer of the Year - “Latvian Mobile Phone”

This year, the capital city’s best companies of this year were chosen and congratulated at the “Rīgas dālderis ’21” event. The winner of the nomination "Employer of the Year in Riga" was the company "Latvijas mobilais telefons".

We can’t deny the fact that "Latvijas Mobilais telefons" is a highly sought-after and loved brand. At the award ceremony, Līga Menģelsone, Director General of the Latvian Employers' Confederation, also emphasized that LMT is a company that takes great care of its employees, is socially responsible and always participates in all important national development processes.


This is the first "Rīgas dālderis" for the "Latvian mobile phone" and it has been earned in a very important category. Asking what it means for the company to be accountable to its employees, Juris Binde, the company's president, said:


“Responsibility is mutual. It is both for the employer to his employees and for the employees to the employer”.


Juris Binde is convinced that Riga, as the capital of Latvia and an important transport hub, is a place where business must develop. He acknowledges the importance of high value-added products, which do not require large production facilities and heavy machinery. "Here, in an area of a few square kilometres, are more than 4,000 information technology specialists who work and create products," said the President of LMT, noting that the establishment of technology company districts is very important for the further development of Riga.



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