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Performance "The Priory"

The success of "The Priory" started back in 2008 at the Royal Court Theatre, and its productions make people all around the world laugh to this day. Wynne’s play won the 2010 Olivier Award for Best Comedy.

Five friends and a beautician they met the night before gather in an abandoned manor to celebrate the New Year together. The manor house has been beautifully renovated and designed as a kind of a retreat for those for whom the daily noise and fuss has become too much. The once inseparable friends haven't seen each other for a long time. They all try to keep up appearances although life has presented each of them with challenges.

Writer Kate has recently divorced her husband, architect Daniel is at the peak of his career but still looking for love online. Ben met Laura just the night before and has brought her to the party and is presenting her as his fiancee. Carl is an actor best known for a coffee commercial, married to a BAFTA award winning actress Rebecca; now the couple's life revolves only around their two children.

Celebrating and drinking together brings to the surface everyone's true aspirations that might have been pushed aside. Although preoccupied with their own experiences, they will discover a ghost dwelling in the abandoned country house.

Performance in Latvian with English surtitles.

Author - Michael Wynne

Director - Gatis Šmits

Daile Theatre 19:00 27.09.2024
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