Riga Film Museum, founded in 1988, is the only film museum in Latvia. The exhibition "Behind the Screen" welcomes you to the other side of the screen – look into the filmmaking process and see how film technologies have changed over time. Notable part of exhibition is dedicated to animation, offering to learn more about puppet, hand-drawn, cutout and digital animation.

The museum is noted for its personal attention to visitors and its cozy premises are a place for meetings, exchange of opinions, making new acquaintances and learning for everyone. 

On a regular basis the museum organizes mini exhibitions, lectures, events and movie screenings. It offers guided tours, lessons and creative workshops for both – film connoisseurs and those who only starts to learn about film history.

The museum is located in Old Riga, 400 m away from the Town Hall Square, entrance into the museum is from Mazā Peitavas Street.

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