Riga has its own official cocktail – Clavis Riga. Main components are the unique Riga Black Balsam and apple juice. The strong bitter taste of balsam combined with sweet-and-sour apple juice makes a unique and unrepeatable flavour. Name of the cocktail – Clavis Riga, translated from Latin means the Key of Riga. The cocktail is available at bars and restaurants of Riga, but you can also make it at home.

The name key is used on purpose – already for centuries golden key has been one of the symbols of Riga. The one who owns the key of Riga – rules over Riga!

Components of Clavis Riga:

2 cl Riga Black Balsam
1 cl liquor De Kuyper Sour Rhubarb
5.5 cl apple juice
0.5 cl Monin white chocolate syrup
0.5 cl Monin pomegranate syrup


To make cocktail Clavis Riga put all ingredients into a cooled mix glass filled with ice. After all ingredients have been mixed with ice, the drink is filtered into a cooled cocktail glass and decorated with a peel of orange.  

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