European best destinations 2024 - Riga

Documents to be submitted

In order to receive Riga tourist guide certificate, the applicant must submit the following documents to the Riga Tourism Development Bureau:

1.  application, which includes (please use the attached form):

1.1. name, surname and personal identity number;
1.2. address of the declared place of residence and contact details;
1.3. language or languages ​​in which one intends to provide tourist guide services;
1.4. information about the status of the person, who provides tourist guide services (self-employed, sole proprietor, employee or other), attaching a corresponding document that confirms the status to the application;

2. CV (Curriculum Vitae);

3.  documents that approve professional qualifications and skills, as well as knowledge of languages in accordance with Clause 7 and Clause 8 of the Binding Provisions;

4. copies of other documents that approve professional activity, professional development and work experience of the tourist guide (for example, references from associations of persons of the industry).

On the basis of invoices issued, when the applicant will submit documents, he or she will have to bear the costs of document review, preparation and issuance of the certificate according to the price list of the Riga City Council (EUR 50.00 for first-time certification,or for certificate renewal after three years).

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