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Frequently asked questions

When Binding Provisions of tour guide certification will come into force?
Binding Provisions will come into force on 1 January 2014, but the prohibition of non-certified tour guide services at tourism objects that are mentioned in the provisions will enter into force on 1 April.

Who will deal with guide certification?
A special commission that consists of seven members and includes members of the Riga City Council, associations of the industry, tour operators, as well as Riga Tourism Development Bureau will do the certification. The commission will be set up by the Riga Tourism Development Bureau.

When and where it is possible to submit documents?
It will be possible to submit documents for tour guide certification from 13 January 2014 at the Riga Tourism Development Bureau, Riga, Kungu iela 3 on Tuesdays from 13:00 to 17:00.

How much time it will take to get an answer on the receipt or refusal of certificate?
Decision on issuance or refusal of Riga tourist guide certificate will be made within a month after the filling of documentation; the applicant will be informed in written form.

For how long period of time the certificate will be issued?
Tour guides will be certified for a period of three years, but after this period they will have to be re-certified.

How will it be possible to recognise certified tour guides?
Information about certified tour guides will be collected in a special tour guide register and published in Riga tourism portal www.liveriga.com. Certified guides will also receive certificates and specific sample identification signs.

Are there certain areas in which services can be provided only by certified tourist guides?
Tourism objects and places of interest that are located in the public outdoor space of the city about which information from 1 April 2014 will be allowed to be provided only by certified tourist guides will be the historic centre of Riga, Ķīpsala historical buildings, Mežaparks, Brothers' Cemetery, Ziemeļblāzma cultural centre and park ensemble, and Kalnciema Quarter.

Who will control whether working guides will have certificates?
Riga Municipal Police will control whether working guides will have certificate. Police will initially warn those tour guides that will work without certificate, but in case of a repeated infringement, they can be brought to administrative responsibility.

In case of any questions, please call to phone number +371 67181091 or write e-mail to gidi@liveriga.lv.