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Frequently asked questions

Who certifies tourist guides?

The certification of tourist guides is carried out by a special commission set up by the Riga Investment and Tourism Agency, which includes representatives of branch organizations and the Riga City Council.

When and where can I submit my documents?

You can submit your application form at Riga Tourism Information Center, Rātslaukums 6, daily from 10:00 to 18:00.

How long will it take before I receive a response to the certification or a refusal?

A decision on granting or refusing the Riga Tourist Guide Certificate will be made within one month after submission of the documents and payment of the invoice, of which the applicant will be informed in writing.

For what period of time is the certificate issued?

The Riga Tourist Guide Certificate is open-ended and entitles the holder to provide information about Riga's tourist sights for an unlimited period of time.

How can certified guides be recognized?

Information about certified tourist guides is collected in a special register for tourist guides and published on the Riga tourism portal here. The certified guides also receive certificates and badges.

Are there certain areas where only certified tourist guides are allowed to offer their services?

Among the tourist attractions and sights in the public space of the city, which from April 1, 2014 only certified tourist guides are allowed to provide information about, include the historical center of Riga, the historical buildings of Ķīpsala, Mežaparks, the Brethren Cemetery, the building ensemble of the Ziemeļblāzma House of Culture and park, and the Kalnciems Street Quarter.

Who checks whether the working tourist guides are certified?

The Riga Municipal Police check whether the working guides have a certificate. Tourist guides who operate without a certificate can be prosecuted under administrative law.

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