More than half of tourists have a better-than-expected impression of their trip to Riga.

More than half (51%) of the tourists surveyed indicate* that their impressions of their trip to Riga are better than expected - this is the conclusion of a study conducted last year by the Riga Investment and Tourism Agency on the satisfaction of foreign tourists with Riga as a travel destination. 47% of the survey participants say that their impressions of the trip were as expected, which means that 98% of the surveyed visitors think that their journey has met or exceeded their expectations.

The survey results confirm that the city's authentic cultural heritage, easy accessibility and attractive image are essential factors attracting visitors to Riga. In the survey, these factors were rated as very important, essential or rather crucial by 80% of participants, which is considered to be a high rating.

"Riga, as a tourist destination, offers its guests a wide range of leisure and entertainment opportunities. Whether it's a leisurely weekend trip for two or a family getaway, Riga offers all visitors a diverse and exciting travel experience. Significantly, an overwhelming majority of the survey participants - almost 60% - represent the group of tourists who are ready to recommend Riga as an attractive travel destination, so we predict that interest in Riga in the European context is only likely to grow" 

the director of the Riga Investment and Tourism Agency Fredis Bikovs points out.

Based on the survey, 78% of visitors to Riga, the dominant share, came for a holiday longer than four days or a weekend trip. 7% of the participants in the survey indicate that they have come to Riga to visit friends and relatives, while 4% of tourists visit Riga as part of a business trip. 30% of travellers choose to visit Riga as part of a broader trip to Latvia, while 32% have chosen the capital as their sole destination.

The survey results show that tourists choose different leisure opportunities in Riga. On a positive note, almost 80% of the tourists surveyed are satisfied with the activities offered in the city - the most appreciated are sightseeing in Riga, excursions outside the city, visits to the opera, concerts or other cultural activities, and visits to museums. Old Town Riga still holds the top spot, rated as the most exciting tourist attraction by 35% of the guests surveyed.

The survey "Satisfaction of foreign tourists with Riga as a travel destination" was commissioned by the Riga Investment and Tourism Agency and conducted by the market and social research centre Latvijas Fakti. From July 4 to November 8, 2023, 2,307 foreign tourists from Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Poland were interviewed in Riga. The research was carried out through face-to-face interviews.

*The survey was conducted through face-to-face interviews between July 4 and November 8, 2023. Random participants: 2,307 foreign tourists visiting Riga from Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Poland.

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