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Band The Hu in concert

A unique folk metal band from Mongolia, combining traditional throat singing and instruments dating back almost a thousand years with the sound aesthetics of heavy metal, they have taken on the vast scope of their great predecessor Genghis Khan - the founder and emperor of the greatest empire in human history - and in a short time have captured the hearts of ''metalheads'' and not only the world over.

The idea of the band was to play the heavy metal genre that had been denied in the country for decades, not by copying the bands of the genre that were already known, but by continuing to explore and carefully select the resources at their disposal from the traditional Mongolian culture, integrating them as much as possible into the rock music that made them unique and interesting to the whole world. They call their style "Hunnu rock", drawing inspiration from the history of their land, the Hunnu Empire.

Palladium Rīga 20:00 08.09.2024
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