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Dance music group "6arelyhuman" concert

The most mysterious start of the modern electronic dance music, "6arelyhuman", are considered to be the signposts of the future of electronic dance music and have taken the liberty to call themselves "the cutest alien in the club". "6arelyhuman" embodies the graphic aesthetics of last century's Japanese animation, the emo rebels and the virtual supergroup "Gorillaz". All of this frees the imagination and make a guess of who they are, where they have come from and where they will go tomorrow.

Inspired by the pop icons of the first decade of the century - Kesha, Skrillex and Lady Gaga - "6arelyhuman" takes at least a thousand steps further into the pace and mood of the times with a rich use of "autotune". Together with their collaborators Pixel Hood, Asteria and Proz, they are creating innovative music for the present moment, which is already predicted to be the dance music of the future. They have been called pioneers of the Scenecore revival wave genre, but they have given their own music a new genre label, "sassyscene".

Palladium Rīga 20:00 06.12.2024
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