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Performance Caligula

The play, which Albert Camus began to write in 1938 and finished in 1944, is one of the most popular works by this author: deeply ironic, unobtrusively philosophical, and truly fascinating.

Moreover, in Ancient Rome, they solved some extremely relevant issues, while the characters could live in our neighbourhood. Director Sergey Golomazov has given the stage production a modern visual interpretation, which reveals the relevance of Camus' portrayal of Caligula even nowadays, continuing to study the mechanism of how and why a bright idealist can turn into a monster in so short a time.

Performance is in Russian language with surtitles in Latvian and English.

Director – Sergey Golomazov.
Author – Albert Camus.
Photo – Vadim Kozhin.

Riga Russian Theatre 18:00 17.08.2024
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