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Čiekurkalns & Mežaparks

On the North of the city, at the banks of the Lake Ķīšezers, sits two residential neighbourhoods – the former manufacturing powerhouse Čiekurkalns and the family-friendly Mežaparks.

On the North of the city, at the banks of the Lake Ķīšezers, sits two residential neighbourhoods – the former manufacturing powerhouse Čiekurkalns and the family-friendly Mežaparks.

Čiekurkalns Water Tower

A stately red brick construction towers above Gauja street. Erected in 1915, it’s the largest water tower in Riga. A fine example of the late Art Nouveau style architecture.

Gaujas iela 21

Misiones Evangelic Lutheran church

Building No. 78 on Čiekurkalns 1st line looks nothing like a typical Lutheran church. Initially constructed in 1928 as a prayer house, it also served as a shelter. Its unique mosaic-clad profile is the work of Latvian Engineer Oļģerts Miķelsons. He has worked on it for nearly 30 years. The eye-catching exterior hides a cosy church that feels more like a welcoming home than a religious institution.

Čiekurkalna 1. līnija 78

Mežaparks architecture

The district’s diverse architecture is one of the country’s national architectural heritage. This pine-filled territory is saturated with more than a hundred Art Nouveau mansions (Sudrabu Edžus 1; Lībekas 3 and others). There are also some fine examples of functionalism residential buildings in Kokneses prospekts and contrasting vestiges of the Soviet architecture on Kempes street.

Riga Zoo

The Zoo sits on the tip of Lake Ķīšezers in a verdant pine grove. Opened in 1912, it was regarded as one of the finest Zoos in the Soviet Union. Today it inhabits more than 400 wild animal species. The Zoo actively participates in international animal conservation projects.

Meža prospekts 1
+371 67518409

Bella Bella

The cozy café Bella Bella is an ideal place to visit with family and friends after a stroll in the fresh air. Café offers freshly baked pastries and a cup of coffee to take away for the busiest visitors, as well as delicious cakes, masterfully prepared sushi, and poke bowls. And make sure you try the delightful roasted potatoes so popular among many visitors! Moreover, the opportunity to have a meal in one of the glazed houses in a small company gives a unique charm to this place - in summer, you can watch the flourishing greenery behind the window, while in winter, sitting in the warmth, enjoy the snowy landscapes.

Meža prospekts 3

Cabo café

The café's spacious terrace and floor-to-ceiling windows offer one of the best views of Lake Ķīšezers. The cafe's design is simple but cosy, and the same goes for the menu. Think several types of burgers, plates of pasta, abundantly filled wraps and a vast selection of classical bar snacks. It gets pretty busy during the warm months as the café also serves as a SUP board and windsurfing equipment rental.

Roberta Feldmaņa iela 8A

The Grand stage of the Latvian Song and Dance Festival

Once in five years, Riga becomes the capital of singing as the Latvian Song and Dance Festival takes place. It's one of the largest singing events in the world. The Song Festival Bandstand has welcomed singers and listeners since 1955. After undergoing a profound reconstruction, the stage was again open to the public in 2021. The imposing wood, concrete and steel construction is a masterpiece of the native contemporary architects Austris Mailītis and Juris Poga. The refurbished stage now fits 9802 singers.

Ostas prospekts 11

Ozo Golf club

On the West coast of the Lake Ķīšezers sits a world-class golf course Ozo Golf Club. The 18-hole golf course is designed by the excellent American landscape architect Rob Swedbergs and features 16 artificial ponds, 50 sandpits, and some hills – typical for the lake's surroundings. 

Mīlgrāvja iela 16
+371 67394399

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