The museum's collections include a bibliographical list of Latvian architects and a collection of the most outstanding masters' works. The museum tells about the development of architecture and its role in culture.

Latvian Museum of Architecture has a few thousand articles in its collections. It hosts no permanent exhibition, but its collections are available to specialists, if reserved in advance. For more information on the collection, visit The museum possesses originals of architects' works - drawings, designs, drafts - as well as their copies. The museum accepts good quality sepia transparency copies or photocopies if the originals have not survived. The museum can also accept models, though in case of larges-scale models photo pictures are preferable. The oldest works in the museum's collection are designs by K. Hāberlands (1750-1803), J.D.Felsko (1813-1902), V.L.N.Bokslafs (1858-1945) and the first professional Latvian architect J.F.Baumanis (1834-1891).

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