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From traditional paper, canvas and cardboard frames, art has increasingly shifted to streets, sidewalks, tunnels and building walls. As a manifestation of freedom and spontaneity, street art, graffiti and murals, with the messages hidden in them, begin to characterize countless metropolises and cities of the world.

Sun. Thunder. Daugava

2 of the world's most famous Latvian graffiti artists - Kiwie and Rudens Stencil - joined forces and created the largest mural in the Baltics, "Saule. Pērkons. Daugava". This unique work of art has been created with the inspiration from a significant and historical Latvian song with the same name as this mural: "Saule. Pērkons. Daugava". Latvia's patriotism and values, highlighted in modern light, fit into the urban environment with ease.

Tallinas iela 44

Tallinn Street Quarter Courtyard

One of the most urban meeting and entertainment spots in Riga – Tallinn Street Quarter – would seem unimaginable without the expressive and bright works of Dainis Rudens or Rudens Stencil. One of the hangars in the courtyard is decorated with an explosion of colorful geometric figures on its wall. The victory of vivid colors over a dark background fits perfectly into an environment where people go to relax, have fun and forget about everyday worries.

Tallinas iela 10

The tale of Riga

As part of the cooperation project of street artists of the three Baltic countries, a magnificent and summery mural has been created on Miera Street. Large-scale wall paintings in a similar style were also created in Tallinn and Vilnius. An innovative paint that reduces air pollution is also used in the creation of works of art.

The author of the new Riga mural is Dainis Rudens, one of Latvia's most talented and well-known street artists. The author states that the main idea of the mural is to reflect the tale of Riga, which will never be ready.

Miera iela 5

Graffiti wall dedicated to Ukraine

In one of the most popular creative and entertainment places of Riga - in the "Sporta 2" quarter, about 40 artists together created a Graffiti wall. The main organizer of this idea was Dainis Rudens, and when all the artists came together, they made wall paintings that vividly and clearly depict support for Ukraine, its freedom, peace and democracy.

Sporta iela 2

Lada of Riga

The car and car service advertisement created in Krāsotāju Street around 1985 is now an integral part of the artwork on the streets of Riga. This mural serves as a testament to the history of the Soviet era, illustrating life more than 30 years ago.

Krāsotāju iela 18

20 Ls

Dainis Rudens or Rudens Stencil is one of the most remarkable creators of street art, who has decorated many buildings in our capital city. Together with the artist Thobek, a monumental painting "20 Ls" dedicated to the Latvian lats has been created in the courtyard of Ernesta Birznieka-Upīša Street 18b. This is a must-see for nostalgic people or those who want to know or remember what 20 lats banknotes looked like before Latvia switched to the euros.

Ernesta Birznieka-Upīša iela 18b

That Part of Riga

In the pedestrian tunnel of Daugavpils Street, near Maskavas forštate suburbs, the artist Sindija Kļaviņa has created a mural "Tā daļa Rīgas", inspired by the song of the group "Astro'n'out" of the same name. Just like the composition, this work of art tells its viewers about the most recognizable places in the so-called Maskačka and allows you to feel the special vibe of that area.

Satekles iela 15

The Red One

Conveniently located on the wall of the building at Priežu Street 8, the streets and houses of this Sarkandaugava’s neighborhood are observed by the expressively bright face created by Dainis Rudens. As the artist himself has said, there is a unique aura in this place that cannot be described, and a sense of time disappears as you explore the area. Rudens Stencil work expressively refreshes the seemingly quiet neighborhood.

Priežu iela 8, Sarkandaugava

Together we are strong

On the Čiekurkalna 1. līnija, the walls of the building of the furniture salon "Kate" are now decorated with a mural depicting 2 women from Ukraine and Latvia hugging each other. This is one of several symbols of solidarity that have emerged in support of the Ukrainian people following the brutal Russian invasion and war in their country. The author of the idea is the team from furniture salon "Kate". The illustration of the work was created by Beatrise Bīriņa, but it was turned into reality by Dainis Rudens and Ēriks Caune.

Čiekurkalna 1. līnija 6

Gallery under the bridge

In one of the districts of Riga - Čiekurkalns - an open-air "exhibition hall" is open for visitors all year round. Under the bridge, on the transmission pillars, various works of street art have been created by Latvian and Lithuanian artists: Ēriks Caune, Īdzība, Koostii, Lazy Bra, Rombo, Trafik, Tron, Anna Vaivere, Zahars Ze, Ziepe Ziepe, Mārtiņš Zutis. Playing in the sun and shade, the graffiti there takes hide and seek on the next level - it encourages you to take a part in this game and urges you to go on an expedition, discovering all that this open-air gallery has to offer.

Čiekurkalna 1. līnija 12

The fence of Pauls Stradins Museum of the History of Medicine

The fence of Pauls Stradins Museum of the History of Medicine at Antonijas Street 1 is dressed in fresh colors and decorated with a very healthy message. On the walls of the masonry, artists Grieta Butjankova and Aleksejs Beļeckis have brought historical evidence to life, depicting the health promotion tools and techniques that fascinated the population in the 19th century. If you are looking for a motivation for a healthier lifestyle, it is possible to get it here for sure!

Antonijas iela 2

Dedication to artist Džemma Skulme

In the summer of 2021, a rather big mural with was made on a very small side street of Riga - Akas Street 10. The sketch of the wall painting was created by the Latvian artist Kristians Brekte, but it was transferred to the wall by artists Miķelis Mūrnieks and Kiwie. As the name suggests, this mural is a tribute to one of the most remarkable Latvian painters - Džemma Skulme. Apart from the artistic quality, one of the main reasons this work of art is worth seeing is because it has caused a very, very stormy discussion in Latvian society.

Akas iela 10

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