Creative neighbourhoods

The most saturated places of creative energy in Riga.

Kalnciema Quarter

A unique 19th century's complex of wooden buildings is now renovated in Pārdaugava. A group of friends and associates are actively involved in a project of preserving the historic atmosphere of the quarter and adapting it to the dynamics of the 21st century. Buildings invite you to enjoy Latvian and European design, fairs, art exhibitions and workshops at court-yards. The quarter's special feature is old LADA cars to take you into the past.

Miera iela

Every city has neighborhoods that become neglected and forgotten as the years go by. No tourists flock there, and locals pass through without paying any attention. Such neighborhoods - in dire need of revitalization - have the potential of becoming a project for young, enterprising modern thinkers to establish something stylish and hip from practically point zero. This is the tale of Riga's Miera iela/street.

The Bergs Bazaar (Berga bazārs)

Explore small boutiques offering both local and international items, dine at one of the popular restaurants or cafes — both casual and up-market, or simply stroll about stopping to rest on one of the many benches.

The culture-laden Spikeri Quarter and promenade

15 minutes away by foot, southward from the center of the Old Town of Riga, along the right bank of the Daugava, is a quarter gilded with a historical aura – Spikeri Quarter and its adjacent promenade, which are part of the territory of UNESCO Cultural Heritage – the historical center of the city of Riga.