During the Rīga Dālderis 21 ceremony, were awarded Riga best entrepreneurs for the first time and congratulated the Start-up program "Atspēriens" winners.

This year, for the first time, the Deputy Mayor of Riga Edvards Smiltēns awarded Riga entrepreneurs at the event Rīga Dālderis 21. In cooperation with Latvian associations and leading organizations, the best companies in Riga this year were selected and congratulated. The start-up competition winners for the business support program Atspēriens were also announced in the online event, which was allocated co-financing totalling EUR 30,000.

During the event, which took place on December 3 at the Hanzas Perons cultural space and was broadcast online, the Deputy Chairman of the Riga City Council Edvards Smiltēns congratulated the winners of the Atspēriens program and awarded the most important companies in Riga this year. As the deputy mayor emphasized: "A vibrant, prosperous city is characterized by brave and creative people who are not afraid to realize their plans. Through the centuries, Riga has been a city of very enterprising and active people. This is still the case today. In a city that supports its talents, ideas emerge that transform into large companies, processes and things that make our world a better place. The winners of this event perfectly prove this - there are both responsible and innovative companies with considerable experience and new solutions in areas that are very important to society.”

‘’A vibrant, prosperous city is characterized by brave and creative people who are not afraid to realize their plans. Through the centuries, Riga has been a city of very enterprising and active people. Ans this is still the case today.’’ Edvards Smiltēns 

The main focus of the event was young entrepreneurs. The winners of the business support program Atspēriens this year mark the emphasis and importance of the medical industry. After an expert discussion at the end of November, in which the 10 best candidates out of 39 applicants were interviewed, the program evaluation committee decided on 3 winners. The company Medon, which provides online medical consultations and Vreach, which develops remote rehabilitation for children with disabilities using virtual reality, were awarded EUR 10,000 each to develop their ideas. The company SimpleCharge, which develops an electric car charging solution using street lighting lanterns, also won a cash prize for the development of ideas and products. It is possible to view all 10 candidates on the Atspēriens program’s Facebook page.


Also during the ceremony, awards as part of the new initiative Rīga Dālderis 21 were presented to four companies. The winner of the nomination Riga Employer of the Year, selected in cooperation with the Latvian Employers' Confederation, is the telecommunications company Latvijas Mobilais Telefons. SEB Global Services Riga won the award in the category Riga Entrepreneur of the Year in the field of international business centres, where the nominee was selected together with the International Business Services Association in Latvia. The company Printify won the award Startup of the Year in Riga, where the Latvian Startup Association was involved in the selection process, and Swisscom was awarded as Newcomer of the Year in Riga, where nominations were put forward in cooperation with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency.



The aim of the entrepreneurship award is to highlight the achievements of successful companies in the capital and to honour those who have excelled in their industry this year - ensuring business development, facilitating a high value-added economy and developing international competitiveness. The most enterprising, innovative and responsible entrepreneurs of Riga were honoured with symbolic Riga daller, as this historical currency is considered to be a symbol of the city's pride, entrepreneurial spirit and self-esteem.


The event Rīga Dālderis 21 and the competition Atspēriens are organized by the Riga municipal agency - Riga Investment and Tourism Agency, which was established in April this year with the aim of attracting foreign investment to the Latvian capital, promoting Riga internationally and developing tourism.


Information prepared by: Riga Investment and Tourism Agency Brand Department Director Linda Sleja, e-mail: linda.sleja@riga.lv, tel.26830101.

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